Harold Nash
old school clock

An Old Sewing Machine, A Few Bolts of Material... And A Clock

The story of Jack Nash Fine Clothiers begins in 1946 when my father, Jack, bought a small merchant tailor store, a business that had existed on St. Paul St. since the early 1900s.

The original 800 sq. ft store came with nothing but a few bolts of suiting material, an old manual sewing machine, and a small number of tables. Then to our surprise and pleasure, we discovered a valuable old school clock which is still in use in our store today and the only item remaining from that time.

Jack Nash Store

Family Joins The Store

Our family store grew when my brother Maurice joined the business soon after being discharged from the RCAF. A short time later, I also joined after finishing high school.

The Jack Nash business flourished in the time after the end of the Second World War, as service men were returning to St. Catharines, needing new clothes. This was a happy time for everyone.

The war was finally over, and after years of drab wartime attire, everyone was eager to dress in beautiful colors and fresh new styles. At that time, our business was devoted exclusively to the making of men's clothing, mainly suits, jackets and trousers. Since we carried no ready-to-wear items in our early days, everything we sold was made to measure.

40s Fashion

Post War Expansion

Post war was a busy and prosperous time for us. The demand for custom tailored clothing was enormous, allowing our store to increase in size three fold.

Our family took over the existing stores on each side of the original location and we eventually purchased the building about 20 years later when the opportunity finally presented itself. Now owning the building, a series of major improvements were undertaken, and we increased the space with an addition to the rear.

Jack Nash Store

Focus On Quality and Service

By the early 1960's, we had become a full service men's clothier, calling ourselves a "Custom Tailor & Haberdasher". As business continued to improve, we looked for opportunities to expand, eventually adding a store in St. Catharines' Grantham Plaza, another in downtown Niagara Falls, and one in Welland"s Seaway Mall.

As the needs of our clientele changed over time, so did our business. In 1990 we decided to consolidate our stores to the two St. Catharines locations, in order to continue to keep up the quality of our products and services we have become known for.

Customer Service

Markets and Management Evolve

My brother Maurice and I each took a store to manage. Maurice eventually reached the age of retirement, allowing my son Dave, who had been working with his Uncle for a few years, the opportunity to manage his own store.

Over time, the inventory mix has changed in our business from strictly men's wear to the addition of young men's, boys and eventually ladies wear.

Jack Nash Family

Three Generations and 70 Years Later

In the 1980's we decided to sell our downtown property to concentrate on our Grantham Plaza location where we now focus on being a full service men's and ladies' clothier.

We are very proud of the fact that a small business which started in 1946 by my father Jack now has a third generation Nash at its head.

Dave and I would like to thank all of our loyal customers for allowing us to have the benefit of our 70th year of continuous service to the Niagara Peninsula. We welcome all customers, past present and future to celebrate this special anniversary with us.


I Always Get Compliments

"I’ve dealt with Dave for many, many years. The service has always been excellent. I’ve always walked out with a suit I felt comfortable in; I’ve always felt comfortable with the prices I’ve paid. He always has top quality suits… and I always get compliments. I’ve always been very satisfied with the service I got here at Jack Nash for many, many years."

Richard Ciszek