Dressing for Success on a Smaller Budget

Dressing for Success on a Smaller Budget

With Some Planning and Advice, Everyone Can Dress For Success For Less

Whether you’re fresh out of school, are looking to change careers, or hoping for a promotion, we know that sometimes budgets are tight and that cost can be a factor when shopping for a professional wardrobe, so we’ve put together a few ideas to help you dress for success and create a work-appropriate wardrobe without coughing up a fortune.

For young professionals, dressing suitably for work will be as important as attending meetings and conferences and meeting deadlines. With a well put together wardrobe, you'll be able to help battle negative stereotypes in relation to younger generations and show the higher-ups that you’re serious regarding your career.

So how can you afford a wardrobe for the workplace on entry- or mid-level salary? Here are 6 recommendations to help you look your best and are budget-friendly:

1.Size Up What You Already Own

Before shopping for something new, browse your closet for basic items that you may already have. A Couple of things we recommend you check for: a classic suit, a sports coat, trousers and several white, coloured and patterned button-down shirts.

2. Keep Your Work Wardrobe Classic

Classic pieces are meant to stand the test of fashion time, and many key pieces can assist you get the biggest bang out of your wardrobe. For men, a solid navy or charcoal suit goes nice with a range of shirt and tie combos. If you don’t have a nice fitting suit that is in good condition, you can get suits off the rack at Jack Nash for significantly lower costs than at designer stores carrying high priced brands.

3. There’s a Time to Splurge!

If you choose to splurge and get a higher-quality item or 2 for your new workplace wardrobe, concentrate on the items you’ll be using on a daily basis. For instance, if you use a tote or laptop bag to carry your technology to and from work, spending a bit extra for a higher-quality bag that will last is a smart investment.

Spend any additional money on items that are classic instead of super trendy. A couple of things well worth the splurge could also be a durable briefcase and a watch, both which can easily be sourced out online or at Outlet Malls. Also, investing in a killer suit, good shoes and a work appropriate trench coat can round out your wardrobe and give you a polished look that won’t go out of style next year.

4. Shop Sales

Shopping for great deals takes a bit of time and effort. Keep in mind the pieces that you need to add to your closet and focus on finding those if you’re in the mood for bargain finding adventure. It’s easy to get caught up in purchasing a trendy piece at 75% off, that you may or may not ever wear, or even buying a classic cut sports coat in a size too big or slightly too snug. When making purchase on sale items, please remember that it’s more than just the price that matters, because if it is ill fitting or just doesn’t look right, you really haven’t won in the sale shopping game. Ending up with clothing that sits in the back of the closet is just sad.

5. Ask for Advice

If you’re unsure or feeling overwhelmed, find a store and sales team that you can trust to give you honest advise on which pieces to purchase and when, and who will help in finding the right fitting clothing for your body and personality.

6. Tailoring is Important

If you have found a great item at a price you can afford, but maybe it’s a bit too long or just not fitted properly, don’t be afraid to have it tailored to fit you perfectly. Even lower end items that fit great tend to look better than more e

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