Our Favourite Classy Gifts for Women for Christmas 2019

Our Favourite Classy Gifts for Women for Christmas 2019

We’ve got you covered with a few great ideas that will be sure to please!

Gift shopping for the stylish woman in your life, whether it’s your partner, mom, sister, boss or bestie, can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but we’ve got you covered with a few great ideas that will be sure to please!

Jack Nash Fine Clothiers has put together six of our favourite items that are perfect for any woman with great taste this Christmas season.

Fraas Scarf

Fraas Ombre Black & Burgundy Scarf

Let’s face it, as residents of Southern Ontario, we all require a scarf to help us survive the winter seasons. In fact, we’re confident enough to name scarves as a staple of Canadian winter-time wardrobe – and this scarf by Fraas has made our favourites list.

This scarf is so incredibly soft that it will easily be mistaken for cashmere. Meanwhile its subtle, deep colouring of ombre, black, and rich burgundy absolutely oozes sophistication and class. It is also wide enough and long enough that it can even double as a shawl.

We highly recommend this for any woman with outstanding taste and you can buy it at Jack Nash for only $55.00.

Auclair Gloves

You’ll please any of the ladies on your gift list with these elegant and supple black sheepskin and lycra gloves.

They feature a tasteful and stylish burgundy multi-strap detail that gives them an upmarket air – as if the actual feel of these gloves wasn’t upmarket enough.

The woman who receives these for Christmas will be forever grateful indeed, as the fit and comfort she will experience with each wear will leave her hands feeling warm and pampered.

We believe these Auclair gloves are the perfect gift! Ladies gloves start at just $35.00.

Auclair Gloves
Renaur Sweater

Renaur Sweater

This classic cowl neck sweater is a perfect addition to any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. Providing ultimate comfort and versatility, this sweater should be in every woman’s closet.

It is available in two colours, teal or royal blue, and features fun pockets! How handy is that?

The chic ribbing on the neck, sleeves and lower band provides a unique texture, and creates interest and definition. This sweater really makes a statement and is guaranteed to please any woman who receives it.

Visit Jack Nash to buy this cowl neck sweater priced at just $95.00.

Fraas Knitted Scarf & Pom Pom Hat

This Fraas knitted scarf with a matching pom pom hat is a spot-on gift for that woman in your life who has undeniable taste combined with a casual joix de vie. This scarf and hat set is your go-to gift for any lady on your list who likes to have fun.

The chunky scarf and hat combo is fleece lined for extra warmth and is guaranteed to protect her from the cold winter winds.

Knitted with vibrant teal and pink colours contrasted by navy, it will show-off her fun-loving side and accentuate the smile she will definitely be wearing when she has them on!

This scarf and pom pom hat set makes a great gift for all ages.

Fraas Scarf & Pom Pom Hat
Fraas Solid Coloured Scarfs

Fraas Solid Coloured Scarfs

These ultra-soft Fraas scarves come in a variety of solid colours making it easy to choose one to match the lucky receiver’s existing outerwear. Pink and grey are featured in the photo here, but trust us, there are many more colours available to choose from!

The solid colours of these scarves give them a more classic look while the fringed ends bring a hint of informality to them resulting in a relaxed appearance. The flexibility of this scarf allows the wearer to incorporate it into any ensemble making this a perfect scarf for everyday wear.

These scarves are a perfect gift for just about anyone at just $45.00.

French Dressing Jeans

Nothing screams style like a great pair of high-quality French Dressing Jeans!

Everyone knows that a great pair of comfortable jeans are a woman’s dream and we can’t think of a better gift for that special lady in your life than a pair – or two – of FDJ’s!

Jack Nash takes pride in our ability to provide the perfect jeans for any woman. We take the process of achieving the perfect fit very seriously and we strive to make it as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

We welcome special orders and we provide in-house tailoring complimentary on any store purchase. Jeans start at $75.00.

French Dressing Jeans
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